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Keep Children And Pets Safe In Your Car

We use our cars to run errands, get to work, go out on social outings and much more – and our kids and our pets are often with us. If you want to know how to ensure that your precious cargo is as safe as it can be, read on.


Child seats

The law clearly states that children must use a child seat in cars until the age of 12, or until they are 135cm tall. Make sure the child seat is properly fitted according to the manufacturer’s instructions and that it remains in good working order – especially if you’ve invested in a seat that has been designed to last from birth to 12.

Controlling pets

It is not safe to keep a pet unrestrained, as they could get seriously injured in a crash or near miss, or if they decide to bolt out when a door is opened. People transport their dogs in the car more than any other type of pet. For medium to large sized dogs a safety harness can attached to a seatbelt as one option, or the dog can sit in the boot restrained by a lead or fitted guard. For smaller dogs, cats, rabbits and others, try using a pet carrier and wedge it firmly into the footwell.

Unattended children

The risk of heat-related car injuries is higher than you think. Internal car temperature can rise 10-15 degrees every 15 minutes, and a child’s body temperature rises up to 5 times faster than an adults. Leaving children in the car whilst you run out for that quick errand can put them in danger of hypothermia or heatstroke, and death.

Unattended pets

According to PETA, a pet can suffer serious injuries if left in your car for just a few minutes. Its website states: “On a 26-degree-day, the inside of a parked car can reach 71 degrees in minutes. Leaving a window partially open is not enough to cool the car down for your dog.” So don’t take your pet on the ride if your destination does not allow them to accompany you from the vehicle.

With summer coming and trips to the countryside and the coasts beckoning, make sure your family and friends follow this advice while out and about.

Making sure your vehicle is maintained is essential to car safety. If you would like to know more, you may like to read our blog post Three ways to improve your car’s reliability.