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Getting a logbook loan with bad credit or a CCJ

Getting a loan when you have bad credit or a county court judgement (CCJ) can be difficult. This is where a logbook loan can help.

We show you why getting a loan can be problematic, but doesn’t have to be, and how a logbook loan can get you the credit you need, while helping to rebuild your credit rating.

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Secured loans vs unsecured loans – what’s the difference?

When you’re looking to borrow money from a lender, secured loans and unsecured loans are two key options to consider. So what are they and how do they differ?

We put the two side by side – secured loans versus unsecured loans – and look at the difference, their advantages and disadvantages, and what’s important to know. This should help to keep things simple, so you know which loan is right for you to raise the finance you need.

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Budgeting for Christmas

Christmas can be the most costly time of the year for some people, and not just because of buying all the things that come with it – from the presents to the food. Day-to-day life still goes on, meaning weekly budgets can be exceeded and things can unexpectedly go wrong.

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Save Money on Household Bills

We all want to save money on household bills. This may be, because, household bills are the main outgoing for most homeowners. A study from home insurers More Than, earlier this year, revealed that the average cost of running a home can eat up almost £20,000, which it says is nearly half a typical household’s income. With this in mind, we look at where savings can be made and how.

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