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New Year, New Budget: Top tips to have more money in 2017

You might want to lose weight, you might want to find love, but if there’s one thing we can all agree on, it would be nice to have a bit more money in 2017.

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Here we have a list of the best tips for you to have more money over the coming year:

1. Surveys. You can earn actual money by filling in simple quizzes, surveys and questionnaires. Granted, you shouldn’t expect to be raking in hundreds of pounds, but some surveys can add up to substantial amounts of money, or even vouchers for Amazon or Argos. Surveys won’t take long to complete, and some even offer cash bonuses when you sign up.

2. Most magazines will offer at least fifty quid, if not more, as prize for sending in a letter, photo, or story. There’s no harm in trying and some will even offer discounts for products, such as food, make-up, or DVDs.

3. Capitalise on your skills. Whether it’s walking dogs, being a tutor or driving an Uber, there is always a way to earn money on the side using whatever ‘ordinary’ skills you have. Search around and there will always be a way to cash in your services.

4. Still want to lose the pounds whilst keeping some pounds? There are gyms that will accept ‘pay-as-you-go’ schemes. That way, if you want to drop that resolution, or if you want to switch gyms, you won’t be losing any money. Not only that, but some may even offer discounted daily, monthly, or even class passes.

5. Spend money to earn money. Become a mystery shopper and receive £100 to spend at any shop you wish; the catch? You need to review your experience. That’s the only catch there is. Be sure to search around and use reputable sites, and it’s easy to find yourself on the end of a scam with this one.

6. Banks. Search around and look at the comparison rates between banks. If one offers a better interest rate, then check it out. Some banks will even offer cash bonuses if you’re a new customer, others have great fixed rates, giving you the chance to enhance your finances and make the most of your bank account.

7. Get ahead with budgeting in the New Year with a loan. Even better, get a loan with us to make life easy and soothe those stresses that come with trying to stay afloat with your finances. With a fast loan on your car, you can be sure to have a stress-free start to 2017.

Budgeting needs to be sensible and achievable, finding ways to save money on major outgoings can be a great way to give yourself more money to play with throughout the year.

To find out more about saving on your biggest outgoings and to make more money in 2017, visit our blog post Saving Money On Your Household Bills.