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How a Logbook Loan can help in an emergency

Dealing with an emergency can have an impact on your finances. If an emergency happens when you’re already running low on cash, such as waiting for payday after a month of heavy spending, you can be left worrying how you can afford to pay to fix the problem.


From your pet falling ill to your washing machine breaking down, we’ve taken a look at some potential emergencies that can leave you needing money urgently. In dealing with such emergencies, a Logbook Loan can help offer a quick and simple financial solution.

Unexpected fees for pets

No pet owner ever wants to think of something horrible happening to their beloved dog or cat. But if a pet falls ill or is involved in an accident, the owner can be left with a potentially agonising choice and a lofty bill from the vet.

To prepare for this kind of emergency, it makes sense to budget and have money set aside to provide care for your pet. Still, you can’t really predict the future of your pet and the funds you’ve set aside might not stretch to cover the cost of treatment if and when they need it most.

Problems in your property

Your home is likely to be your most treasured possession. When an issue occurs within your house it’s not only stressful and frustrating, it can also really affect your quality of life. A leaking pipe or structural damage, for instance, often needs to be immediately fixed to prevent a problem getting worse or becoming unsafe.

Shopping around to get the best quote from a tradesman to fix the problem can save you some money. But even then you could still need a quick cash boost to be able to afford the repairs.

Appliances breaking down

When an important household appliance, like the washing machine or toilet, breaks it can be very difficult to work around and will often need immediate attention. Replacing these appliances or paying for a professional to repair them can be expensive.

If you’ve been spending heavily on fixing or decorating your home, or you’re budgeting to save up for something special, like a family holiday, it can feel like the worst possible timing if an appliance suddenly needs fixing. Thankfully, there is a solution.

How a Logbook Loan can help

A Logbook Loan can be a great solution to fixing a sudden financial problem. If you need cash quickly to pay for an emergency like the ones we’ve mentioned, using your car as collateral to receive money could be the answer.

A loan of this kind is a simple way of using the value of your car to cover any sudden emergency bills, with the added bonus of being able to keep driving your vehicle in the interim.

Borrowing against the value of your car also means the loan is secured. As a result, a Logbook Loan has a lower level of interest than other financial solutions, like a Payday Loan, which means the subsequent repayments are often cheaper. At Auto Advance there are also no additional charges for repaying the loan faster than the agreed time, meaning, with careful budgeting, it is possible to pay it back sooner than you might think.

To find out more about how a Logbook Loan can help you, take you a look at our blog post explaining how they work.

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