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Auto Loans Explained

You may ask “What is the the difference between an Auto Loan and a Logbook Loan?”. The truth is that they are exactly the same thing.

What are Auto Loans?

A common term on the internet when it comes to the subject of loans on your vehicle is “Auto Loans”.

There is no need to be confused between the difference in “Auto” and “Logbook” loans as they are essentially the same thing. “Auto Loan” is simply the term that is used in the United States of America for the same service.

An Auto Loan is the process of borrowing a sum of money in exchange for your vehicle’s Logbook (or V5 registration document). Monthly or weekly repayments back to the lender are made over the specified term (all depending on which is agreed), and once the loan is fully repaid, the Logbook is returned to the customer.

The best part is that throughout the loan, the customer still has their car and gets to keep driving!

With Auto Advance, all vehicles are considered and the loan interest is determined using a unique rate structure. Rates vary depending on the amount of the loan as well as the value of the vehicle that is used as security for the loan, keeping you in the driving seat.

As the car is used as the security on the loan, which makes our loans even more accessible. Not only that, but since all vehicles are considered, you can get a loan against a van or even a motorbike.

Our friendly team is fully trained and dedicated to respond quickly and professionally to your needs. So you can count on us for any enquiries you may have.

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