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Vehicle Loans – Get A Loan On Your Vehicle Today

Vehicle loans are very common at the moment, they enable the value of a car to be released without actually selling the vehicle on. Instead, you repay the loan in installments.

What types of vehicle can I get a loan on?

Vehicle Loans are exactly what they say on the tin, they aren’t exclusive to cars. You are able to get a loan against a number of other vehicles, such as a Van or Motorcycle.

Many loan companies will not take a loan on cars that surpass 10 years old, however there is an exception when it comes to classic cars.

Getting a loan on a vehicle other than a car is easy. It’s exactly the same process as getting a loan on your car! All you need is the vehicle’s Logbook and a few other pieces of documentation and we can get under way. For any more information on which specific documents you need, see our FAQ section or talk to us on chat!

How does a vehicle loan work?

When getting a loan against your vehicle with Auto Advance, you swap your vehicle’s Logbook for an agreed sum of money which is to be repaid in monthly or weekly installments. The best thing about our loan is that we only hold onto the Logbook for you, once you have your money, you keep driving!

The amount that we are able to lend you will vary depending on the value of your vehicle and our friendly team are able to get the money in your bank within hours. All car owners are considered, so there is no need to worry if you have a poor credit background, you can still get a loan with Auto Advance!

Once the loan has been settled, you receive your Logbook back!

If you would like any more information on how our rates work, you’ll find it all on our page.