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10 Life Hacks To Make Your Day Easier

“Life Hacks” are a popular term at the minute, they are simple tips and tricks that make every day living just that little bit easier. Some of them you may have never thought of…Check them out!

Don’t have a Corkscrew? A hammer and screw will work!


This is bound to have happened to most people at some point, instead of spending an age hunting down a corkscrew, a nail and hammer will do the same job!

Velcro your remotes to the coffee table

life hack Never-lose-your-remotes-again

Keep all of your remotes in one place, instead of turning the living room upside down to see if they’re down the side of the sofa.

Always forgetting whether you locked the door or not?

life hack door lock

There’s nothing more grating on your mind than getting to work and having a blank patch of memory between getting your shoes on and putting your seat belt on. Did you lock the door? You’re sure you did…right?

Well if you do something a bit unusual while locking up, you might look a bit mad to the neighbors but at least you’re bound to remember!

Doing some DIY? You’ll never hammer your finger again


DIY can potentially end up with a throbbing red thumb if you’re not careful with a hammer. Use a peg to easily avoid this common blunder.

Popping to McDonalds?


You know those little cups you get in some McDonalds? Well if you spread them out you get 2-3 times more ketchup in them, saving you filling more cups or even a trip back if you run out!

The one question is though…Were they actually designed to do this?

Crisp packet or snack bowl?


This is a personal favourite on this list. Curl the corners of your open crisp packet, and you have a circular bucket as if you are in the cinema!

Having trouble spotting your luggage?


Be the first to collect your luggage from the conveyor belt at the airport with a bright or distinctive piece of ribbon tied to it.

Don’t hold your phone up to watch something


On a long train journey or just sat about waiting, you’re probably going to be tempted to watch a film or TV show. Use a pair of sunglassesto prop up your phone so you don’t have to hold it or watch it keep slipping over.

Make your cables last longer


Cables ends are the most vulnerable areas for breaking wires, it’s easy to crumple wires up resulting in a short life span. Use an old pen’s spring to keep the ends straight, saving you some pennies on a new cable.

Blender cleaning made easy


Save time after making a smoothie and give some soap and water a whizz to clean the inside of a blender with ease.

So there you have it! What do you think to these Life Hacks? Will you use any? Have any more that you want to share? Sound off the in the comments below and stay tuned for more hacks in the future!