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10 Car Life Hacks

If you’ve not seen our Life Hacks post, you probably should go and do that right now. Otherwise, we have some more Life Hacks that are specific to your car. Use these great Car Life Hacks to improve the use of your car to it’s maximum potential!

Useful Car Life Hacks

1. Use a mesh bungee to make a coat rack on the ceiling of your car

car life hacks mesh

A handy trick to prevent cluttering up the rear window with coats and blankets is to get a bungee mesh that might be lying around the house and connect it to the handles above the door. Voila! You’re own ceiling rack, it’s a great space saver.

2. Use a cereal container as a bin for your car

car life hacks bin

You remember those plastic cereal containers that no matter how you tried, there was always that bit of cereal that wouldn’t come out? Well it turns out they have a more practical use! IF you ever eat in your car, it’s easy to forget about wrappers getting lost under seats. Use these containers as a mini bin for your car and you’ll never have a messy car again!

3. Quickly cool down your car that’s been sitting in the sun

car life hacks cool

Nobody likes getting back into their car on a hot summers day because of the sheer warmth inside. This is especially a problem with owners of black cars as the dark paint absorbs the heat. A neat way of cooling the car down fast is by rolling down the passengers window, and then flapping or slamming (not too hard!) the driver’s door to force the hot air out!

4. Use your shoe as a cup holder

car life hacks shoe

Perhaps on this hot summers day you may have treated yourself to an ice cold beverage. When you get to your car and expel all of the hot air out of the passenger window, you find that you have nowhere to put your cup down. That’s when a spare shoe can come in handy!

5. Use a tennis ball as a garage marker

car life hacks tennis ball

Reverse parking into your garage isn’t always the easiest thing to get right. Instead of risking the wall of your bumper, dangle a tennis ball from the ceiling at just the right distance so you can park perfectly every time.

6. Park facing east to and let the sun defrost your windscreen

car life hacks park east

The winter months will soon be here to make our daily commutes just that little bit harder in the morning. Defrosting your windscreen can be time consuming and even though it will be winter, the sun can do it for you! Park your car facing east so when the sun rises, it’s already doing you a favour.

7. Look at your petrol icon to remember which side your cap is on

car life hacks fuel icon

We’ve all pulled up to a If you look carefully at your fuel icon on your car’s dashboard, there might be an arrow pointing left or right. This arrow is indicating which side your fuel cap is on. Some cars will not have this arrow, instead the side on which the fuel hose points out the cap.

8. Use hand sanitiser to help open frozen doors

car life hacks hand sanitiser

Many of us use hand sanitiser on the go to keep our hands bacteria-free. It has more than one use though, you can also use it to thaw out any ice that may be keeping your door shut!…Not much use if you keep it in your car though.

9. Use a staple remover to easily remove keys from a key chain

car life hacks keyring

If you’re like us and ruin your fingers attempting to get keys off of those outrageously tough key rings, you can easily pry them open with a staple remover. Which means your fingers stay intact.

10. Keep your pizza warm by turning on the heated seats

car life hacks pizza

Not an essential one but a life saver if you get caught in traffic on the way from Dominos!