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Same day loans | How they work

Getting a loan used to be a long and strenuous process, but as the years have gone on it’s now a lot easier and more importantly, quicker to obtain one. Same day loans are just a stone’s throw away.

They’re Fast

Logbook loans are an excellent alternative to payday loans and can also be just as fast. Same day loans are a service provided by a lot of logbook lenders at the moment, you only need a few pieces of documentation and you could be approved instantly and have the requested money in your bank by the end of the day.

Since technology has come so far, everything is done online nowadays. Whether it be paying your friends back, shopping or checking subscribing to an online service, money is exchanged online more than ever. The way that money is now sent across the internet is what gives same day loans their speed and security.

One of our customers, Elizabeth, even commented on the speed of our service, in many ways this is thanks to the way things are handled online these days.

They are secure

Like what was mentioned before, since most things are done online these days, security must be tight, especially when money is involved. Same day loans are as secure as transferring money between bank accounts. Security questions are issued to each customer, so the customer will know the those answers, and the loan details will not be discussed until those questions are answered correctly.

How you can qualify

Not only are same day loans on your car’s logbook fast and secure, they are also very accessible to everyone! To qualify, you only need a small checklist:

  • You are in full time employment
  • Your car is free of finance

If you tick both of these boxes and have requested a quote, in order to complete your loan you will need to provide:

  • The vehicle’s V5 Logbook
  • Insurance Documents
  • Most recent bill as proof of address
  • Most recent bank statements
  • Most recent payslip
  • Photo ID
  • …And don’t forget the vehicle!

These are just a few reasons in which same day loans are helpful and trustworthy. For more information on same day logbook loans, visit