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HPI App Review – Instant Car Check

Ranking with 3 stars on the App Store and 4.1 on Google Play, Instant Car Check is a more well-rounded app that gives a bit more consideration to user interface, making it a better app to navigate and use.

Presentation – 7/10

Upon loading the app, you are presented with the home screen. This consists of a small menu at the top of the screen (below the logo), an entry box for the registration and a list of information that the check provides. There is also mention below this list of an emailed PDF and phone support. It is quite neatly laid out and still provides users with the relevant information without having to awkwardly cram any text in.

Instant Car Check benefits from a very basic art style which helps to section out relevant text and information. An app like this doesn’t need to be any more complicated before it can start to get confusing for a user simply looking for a check.

Usability – 6/10

Instant Car Check lists what the app provides details on and claims to check 72 points of information on your vehicle. The products and prices tab informs you of exactly which checks you will receive with each plan with a list of checks and corresponding ticks and crosses. Within this list, it clearly states the optional addition of finance and money and a price in brackets.

Unlike MyCarCheck where you are taking a gamble by paying for the report when you don’t know what you’re going to come out with, Instant Car Check offers the addition of a sample report that gives the user a great insight into exactly what they are getting when they pay for the product.

Straight after paying for a report, you are given the option to be email the full, printer-friendly PDF. Obviously a much more clear way of viewing the report rather than on a mobile phone screen.

Pricing – 7/10

A free check is available, but will only provide users with extremely basic details such as the car’s colour and engine size. Further to this, there are three payment options, Basic, Gold and Ultimate.

Basic is priced at £1.99 and not surprisingly offers the least checks of the three. You still get a wealth of information on your chosen vehicle but the main portions that are missing are the Technical Data and Valuation sections. Gold will set you back £2.99 and includes most checks apart from the Valuation section and no multicheck option. Ultimate offers everything for £3.98, but note that if you would like to find out the Finance and Mileage on the vehicle, you still have to pay extra for each (£2.99 for Finance, £1.50 for Mileage).

Overall – 7/10