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Top 5 | Drivers In Film

It’s not the car, it’s the person driving it. We take some of the best getaway drivers in the fictional world of film and rank them. There’s plenty more mentions that could have made it onto this list, but here’s our opinion!

The top 5 drivers to cross the line

5. Frank Martin – The Transporter

First up on our list of Top 5 drivers and undoubtedly the role that launched Jason Statham’s career, he plays a privite driver for hire. Frank from The Transporter is a strict, by the books kind of guy…but all that changes when he is behind the wheel with the cops in pursuit.

4. Driver – Drive

As probably one of the quietest drivers in film, Ryan Gosling doesn’t do a whole lot of talking in Drive. To be honest there isn’t a whole lot of driving in Drive…But when Ryan Gosling is behind the wheel, he’s ducking and diving the authorities smart and fast.

3. Jason Bourne – The Bourne Identity

Brilliantly portrayed by Matt Damon, Jason Bourne is a secret black ops agent with a pretty bad case of erm…Oh! Amnesia. Gradually rediscovering his skills, he is forced to face assassins and embarks on a journey to find out who he is and why he is in such a pickle. Part of this journey he spends in Paris…getting chased in a Mini and proving he’s not only one of the most badass agents around, but one of the best drivers in film.

2. Bandit – Smokey and the Bandit

There are few people in this world can pull off a mustache as well as Burt Reynolds. In a film that is essentially one big car chase, Bandit manages to continuously attract and escape the local and state police all because of a bet.

1. James Bond – Every James Bond Film…Ever.

What would a James Bond film be without the fast, gadget-packed super cars we call know and love? Okay fine it would still be pretty cool but nowhere near as good! Since it’s James Bond, we had a lot of choice in which car chases to show…Maybe 007 could have his own Top 5 down the road… So what do you think? A Top 5 is a pretty slim list so pick from, so who do you think deserves the crown? Feel free to comment below!