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HPI App Review – MyCarCheck

First up is MyCarCheck. Brought to you by developer CDL Vehicle and rated with 3 stars on the Apple App Store, 3.8 stars on Google Play and over 100,000 downloads, it’s the most basic of the apps reviewed.

Presentation – 6/10

The app looks simple enough and is not cluttered with graphics or text boxes. It’s very basically laid out but there is no option for a printer-friendly version as I will mention later, there are also no example images to accompany the car searches. Text is also quite small. MyCarCheck would benefit from scrolling lists with larger text instead of cramming it into one panel per category.

Usability – 4/10

MyCarCheck does it’s job and not much else. Upon loading up you are greeted with a entry box disguised as a number plate. You can tap the top left of the screen to view any previous checks or the terms and conditions.

Once a number plate has been searched, the app will take users to a results page in where the categories are listed in tabs at the top of the screen. The first tab “Summary” displays a list of basic information of the vehicle ID. The History, Valuation and Mileage tabs will give you a brief description of what information they will provide once paid for.

One of the major problems with the app is that after paying for the “History” set of checks and discovering that a vehicle has been written off, you are not told why. You are just presented with the fact that the vehicle is a write off and nothing else to back it up, nor the option to pay an extra fee in order to find out like other apps. There is also a lack of any option to send yourself a printable email of the report.

The second major issue that holds MyCarCheck back is that there is no example vehicle check for users to see as a reference. You see what checks will be made but you don’t see how they will be laid out.

Pricing – 6/10

What MyCarCheck does well is that it splits up the categories into smaller packages, so you don’t have to pay full whack if you are only after a specific . The packages titled History (£2.99), Valuation (£1.49) and Mileage (£2.99), so including all checks you are still only paying a total of £7.47. Even though this is a reasonable cost, it would be nice to be offered a discount for a full check.

Overall – 6/10